Sometimes life gets in the way, and you need to cancel your gym membership. We’re sorry to see you go and hope that you’ll join us again in the future.

Delaware Strength and Conditioning requires at least 14 days' notice of cancellation. Cancellation can be submitted in one of the following ways.


I) Subject Line: Membership Cancellation 

II) Body of the Email: Full Name - [customer.fullname], Date Sent - [date]

Text Message to 302-242-5381: 

I) First Line: Membership Cancellation 

II) Second Line: Full Name - [customer.fullname], Email Address - [], Date Sent - [date]

If you do not receive a cancellation confirmation within 24 hours during the work week (Mon-Fri, 7am-7pm), you must directly call Delaware Strength and Conditioning LLC to ensure that your cancellation was received.